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Paris International Go Tournament

19th, 20th and 21st april 2003

How to pre-register
  • If you don't live in France, we just ask you to fill in the form below and send it before 15/04/2003. You will have to pay at the registration desk before 13:00 on saturday 19th.
  • If you live in France, you also have to pay the fee to be considered pre-registered (see the fernch pages), and you must have a licence of the FFG.
Pre-registration is now closed.

If you didn't pre-register before 15/04/2003, you will have to register at registration desk between 10:00 and 12:00 on saturday 19th.

Tournament fee
  • 25 € before 15/04/2003
  • 35 € at tournament's place 
  • 15 € for players not older than 18 
  • 15 € for players weaker than 10 kyu
  • East european players have a 10 € fee reduction (this point is conditioned by EGF agreement to use a part of the1000€ budget anounced in TT regulations)
Please note that for technical reasons we don't take into account registrations between 16/04/2003 and 18/04/2003. This is to avoid mistakes and to ensure that first round will start in time.

Pre-registration form

Family name   First Name

Level               Club              

Date of birth

Adress             City            

Zipcode           Country      


You should receive an e-mail confirmation a few days after sending this post or on 16/04/2003 if sent before 15/04/2003.